Lithium FerroPhosphate

Lithium Iron Phosphate is a type of Lithium-Ion battery, since the energy is stored in the same way, moving and storing Lithium ions instead of Lithium metal. These cells and batteries not only have high capacity, but they can deliver high power.

Major Advantages:

  1. Very safe and secure technology (No Thermal Runaway)
  2. Very low toxicity for environment (use of iron, graphite and phosphate)
  3. Calendar life > 10 ans
  4. Cycle life : from 2000 to several thousand (see chart below)
  5. Operational temperature range :up to 70°C
  6. Very low internal resistance. Stability or even decline over the cycles.
  7. Constant power throughout the discharge range
  8. Ease of recycling

Our Products

30 AH, 12.8 V


50 AH, 12.8 V


150 AH, 48 V


120 AH, 48 V

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