Transit Mixture

We have developed a machine which is very helpful in executing civil projects This is the best concrete carrying machine for small or big contractor who is looking at affordability, convenience and cost effective solution for concrete carrying. We have tried to touch every pain point of a contractor right from convenience, multipurpose use, Cost, Maintenance of the machine, Diesel exp, Operators issue everything.

  1. Ease Concrete Carrying  Now carry concrete and pour directly without labor.  This benefit results into huge cost saving for the contractor. For the work like boundary, substation, canal, Road, Solar Power, Pilling, Check Dams, Sewerage lines, Drainage, factories, Power Plants, Pole concreting, Transmission Lines, National highway, Pipe Lines etc. this is highly beneficial.
  2. No Good Road………..No Problem – Tractor as a vehicle has been designed to run in bad road condition so you need not  be worry about mixing and carrying the concrete if road is bad or Muddy. Normally during rains you road access gets worsen and your project struck ……do not worry now.
  3. Cost effective and Multi utility Solution…………………The Convenience –Any tractor driver can operate, you can use the same tractor for other purposes as well. It takes flat 5 min to attach and detach the machine. Full provision has been given for the attachment and detachment with other equipments like Trolley, tanker and other infra machines etc.  You can use the drum for construction water also a separate water pump has been provided for the water lifting from water well. It takes very less Diesel comparing to the any other machine available in this segment.
  4. Concrete Wastage Control –variable speed of the drum and sliding suite has been provided to stop the wastage for the concrete. Driver can control the drum as low as 3 RPM so the concrete flow reduces and wastage is stopped. The Chute is sliding so that even you are pouring concrete in narrow area labor can control and point it to the right location. Mixing drum with big pitch to achieve feeding and discharging of material ideal speed so that worker get time to adjust with concrete.
  5.  Low Price…………Move Out of rental – it has very low initial cost also within the reach of any petty contractor……….Lovely Price. This machine has been priced 10% costs of Transit Mixers available in the market. Now own a mixer rather taking on rental and stop worrying on idle rental cost. Move out of a chik………chik with rental provider on timing and other operational issues. You can use your own equipment at your convenience, suitability and urgency.
  6. Maintenance – We have kept the operation parts and mechanism so simple that a village level mechanics, Contractor supervisor can also understand it well and do the normal repair and maintenance. You do not have rush to the expert for its maintenance and wait till he reaches and spares come even much later and project, Labor, material and client everything suffers for the work.

We would be happy to send you the video file of complete Transit Mixer Machine through Email. We also welcome any feedback or suggestion to improve upon the machines further

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