Mobile Light Tower

Features and Benefits

Movable Trailers
Solar Lighting Trailers are equipped with standard towable trailers for quick setup, flexibility, and portability. Compact design for rapid deployment, single-person setup, and instant operation.
Extreme Environments
Trailers are designed for extreme hot-temperature environments from unprotected desert installations.
Reduced Energy Consumption
Environmental benefits of solar power help meet global mandates for energy reduction. High-efficiency LED lights also require less power than fluorescent light power consumption.
Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Pollution
Eco-friendly Solar Power Light Trailer System replaces generator-powered lights. No emissions or pollutants released into the environment.
Dependable 24/7 Operation
Designed with battery banks for nighttime and multiple-cloudy-day operation.
Reduced Usage of Fossil Fuels
Cost for lighting is eliminated for significant annual cost savings and reduces dependency on procured oil.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Eliminate regular engine/generator maintenance. Unit also allows automatic unattended operation.
Silent / Stealth Operation
Eco-friendly solar power panels replace noisy generator system for improved on-site communication capabilities.
Adjustable Illumination Heights
Adjustable 30-foot mast allows light to adjust from 8 feet to 30 feet. 360-degree mast rotation and pan/tilt light fixture feature lets you put the light where it’s needed.
Long-Life LED Lights
LED lights offer longer operational time than fluorescent lights. LED lights also operate in colder temperatures than fluorescent lights.

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